At my home house I keep two Saint Bernard dogs and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier 'Eve'.

A male 'Sebastian' and female 'Missey' both young dogs. I hope to get a litter of puppies in the near future. Big friendly giants and very loyal.

I rehomed Sebastian but Missey has been raised with the family from a puppy.


First litter due 27/11/2012. Missey first and last litter of nine puppies. 

Kept two puppies from the litter 'Winnie' and 'Molly'. 


Over the years we have hand reared and rescued a number of cats in a variety of colours tortoiseshell, tabbies, black, white and so on. 



Dwarf Lops

I have owned rabbits for many years and successfully bred them as well. I have kept Dwarf Lops for many years. 

I currently own two pure bred male rabbit. The rabbits are fed daily a meal diet and a range of vegetables. They are provided individual hutches and runs for exercise. 

The buck 'Pinocchio' sourced from Sligo. Has fathered many litters over the years; however, we have decided to longer breed rabbits. Although we do have close contacts with other breeders. 



I have kept guinea-pigs for many years and often set up large sized communities for them to thrive and bring up offspring in a family system which has been very successful. 

We have decided to focus on breeding Peruvians this year; current stock consisting of one male and two females.  

Peruvians are one of the oldest breeds of guinea-pigs.